They have a strong spiritual connection.  Very intuitive, which is useful when they listen.  Needs something spiritual to sink their teeth into or they can get lost in some form of escapism, like drugs, alcohol or even food.  Normally gentle souls and pleasing to look at.  When in touch with their instincts they can be incredibly successful people, when not they can become martyrs.  They are dreamers, the originators of  “If you build it they will come.”  Their strong suit is their faith.


Unique, often brilliant, definitively operates outside of the lines.  Great at finding ways to accomplish what others had given up on.  Big on community service and finding more efficient ways to accomplish normal tasks along with major projects.  They are long range thinkers.  Others often cannot follow the length of the Aquarian’s thought process.  Great love of their fellow man can stir them to invent what is now, or will be needed.  Their strong suit is their mind.


Steadfast in climbing the ladder of success.  They build strong foundations and are protective of their reputation.  Aspires to be at the top of the ladder and is willing to work to get there.  Normally a strong work ethic and good value system serves them well.  Patient with themselves about obtaining their goals, though often impatient with others.  Needs to learn to look for the positive.  Their strong suit is their ambition.


Freedom is the key word here.  Fun loving, “Live and let live” attitude, most of the time.  Hard to catch, you’re better off standing still and letting them catch you.  Once they have chosen someone, there can be a little jealousy.  Loves to travel, play games of chance and enjoys sports.  If you try to fence them in, they will find an escape route.  They appreciate and enjoy participating in deep conversations.  Open mindedness is their strong suit.


Intense! Mostly because they are looking for their boundaries, so they appear pushy to others.   They spend a lifetime defending their boundaries, that is, if they are lucky enough to have found them.  They are one of the most loyal signs in the zodiac.  If they have chosen you, you have earned their faith.  Great healers, guardians and protectors of those and that in which they believe.  Very determined and steadfast, they never surrender. Their strong suit is passion.


Balance and harmony is what they seek, sometimes making themselves and others frustrated over the perfection they cherish.  An eye for beauty, a wonderful friend and fair to a fault, weighing everything they feel needs to be considered.  Their in-depth consideration is sometimes seen as procrastination, though it is actually a trepidation of making the wrong decision.  They have good legal minds.  Their strong suit is fairness.


Extremely analytical and discerning.  Very clean, yet just as messy.  They are hard working great employees, sometimes taking on too much and can’t rest until the task is completed.  Has a need for details and will not make up their minds until they have all the facts.  If they are the boss, they expect as much from you as they do from themselves and they are a hard act to follow.  They adapt to whatever situation they are in with great ease.  Their strong suit is their dedicated work ethic.


They are proud, creative, strong willed and loving with a great desire to help others.  It is important to give them credit and appreciation for the assistance rendered if you plan on returning to this well.  Leo’s work hard and need praise.  When stuck in pride they can be manipulated through praise.  They function best with creative liberty.  They are loyal unless you have wounded them, then they get even.  Pride in whatever they do is their strong suit.


Home, family, mother, emotions, nurturing are all key words for Cancer.  Feeding someone, either cooking or buying a meal is a way of showing love.  If you are invited to spend the night in their home, they consider you family.  Sometimes they take things a little too personal and get their feelings hurt.  They will be quick to bite back when hurt and just as quick to stand up for a loved one.  Feelings are their strong suit.


Mental stimulation is a must, or head games become a way of life for them.  They have tremendous mental and physical energy.  Staying active on all levels is recommended.  They were born with the gift of gab.  A well read and physically active Gemini is a happy Gemini.  A bored Gemini is not fun to be around, usually you will find them looking for trouble.  Communication is their strong suit.